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Fiber Art photo documentation

Photos by Robert Chase Heishman, Colectivo Multipolar, Erika Raberg , Nathan Smith and Bun Stout. 

Time Cleanses Itself woven in collaboration with Carolina Poveda. 


Performance Art photo documentation 

MOUTHY WOMEN (2013-2016) was Olive Stefanski and Magritte Nankin. Performances included: 


Little Plates and Only Friend Nesting in Each Others Skulls, Little Plates and Only Friend Exit the Gas Closet, and Little Plates and Only Friend Prepare for the Worst documentation by Zoe Buchard 

 Little Plates and Only Friend Consider the Options documentation by  Ji Yang.  


MOUTHY WOMEN performance: 526 Years of Golden Medallions live performance by Nathan Smith. Performance object documentation by Rhone Talsma

The Arc of the Lavender Circle is Strong documentation by Emerson Granillo 

When the Circle Poisons documentation by Lindsey Barlag Thorton 

Best of Breed documentation by Tongyu Zhao 

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