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I make woven works using a variety of looms to produce complex patterned cloth and abstract tapestries. I hand- render sculptural forms using basketry materials and techniques. I spin raw wool into yarn and I hand-dye materials used in all my work. I also maintain a drawing practice in relation to my sculptural practice that acts as a method of experimentation of form, abstraction and positive and negative space. 

Within the past several years, I have focused my practice on the study of  Jewish texts with a queer feminist lens. Through this study, I create art inspired by Jewish ideas about mysticism, creation, cosmology and divinity. I find myself returning to abstraction rather than representation as a method to explore the mysterious and the unknown within Jewish thought. This process re-asserts living symbols within these texts and continues lineages of meaning making within Jewish traditions that are constantly transforming. 

I intentionally employ effortful processes of weaving, spinning and dyeing as devotional conduits. The connection between intricacy and spirituality is an aspect of Jewish art history that I find meaningful: elaborately laborious art as an expression of the sacredness of the infinite.

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