O L I V E   S T E F A N S K I 



Master of Fine Art (2015) Performance Department. School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Bachelor of Arts. (2013) Women’s and Gender Studies. DePaul University

Chicago Weaving School  (January 2017-March 2020) textile apprenticeship 


Solo and Duo Shows: 

And Before One, What Are You Counting?  Solo Show at Roman Susan Art Foundation  (August 2021). Chicago 

ENTER ROSES (2018). Duo show with Ruby T. Curated by Erika Raberg at Occasional Gallery. Chicago. 

Group Shows:


Chicago Textile Week, September 19th-25th 2021 

Havruta, Heaven Gallery, Chicago, October 29th- December 5th 

Confluence, Heaven Gallery, Chicago, January 18-March 13th 2022 


Swarm Residency Summer Solstice Showcase. (2019) . FDC Studios. Chicago. 

​To Cradle a Kind Thought. (2018) Yr It! Window Gallery at Roots and Culture Gallery. Chicago. February 2nd-March 3rd. 

​The Spirit Marches Serenely On. (2018) Underground Performance Series. Hume Gallery. Chicago. 

​Interlacements: Works by students of the Chicago Weaving School. (2018). MoonTree Studios. Plymouth, Indiana. April 7th-May 19th. 

​Experimental Composition for Two Violins. (2018) Live Performance with Johanna Brock. Comfort Station and Planet Malevolent. Chicago. 

Time Cleanses Itself. (2018). Weaving created in collaboration with Carolina Poveda. ICUQTS festival. Chicago.



​Dream Craft (2017) Group Installation with Emily Schulert, Molly Berkson, Danielle Wordelman, Magritte Nankin, Carolina Proveda, Yani Aviles and Allie Shyer. 2nd Floor Rear Festival. F4F. Chicago. Curated by Danielle Wordelman

Soft Sculpture (2017) in collaboration with  José Santiago Pérez. 6 Polaroid film photographs as documentation of  With/Held (aproxymate) , a performance based sculpture creation by José Santiago Pérez.  International Museum of Surgical Science. Chicago.

Gather Your Strength (2016) 2nd Floor Rear Festival at Church of Templehead. Chicago.

Object to Change (2016) Performance with Lisa Stertz, Peyton Stewart, Johanna Brock, and Amelia De Rudder. No Nation Art Gallery. Chicago.

The Trickster Explains How It is Possible to Continue. (2016) Performance at Color and H Symposium. TriTriangle. Chicago.

I Am Committed to Reducing My Suffering (2016) Eternal Return: 13th Series. Archer Beach Haus. Chicago.

The Statistician Has Differentiated Us From The Animal (2016) Archer Beach Haus. Chicago.

Cosmic Worker (2016)  No Nation Art Gallery. Chicago. 

Moth Chest (2016) Performance and installation in collaboration with Johanna Brock. The Learning Machine. Chicago.

MOUTHY WOMEN Art Sale (2016)  art sale at private residence in Chicago.


522 Years of Golden Medallions (2014, 2015) Performance by MOUTHY WOMEN (Olive Stefanski and Magritte Nankin). Roman Susan. Chicago.

Little Plates and Only Friend Nesting In Each Others Skulls (2015).  MOUTHY WOMEN.  Site-Specific Installation in Empty Apartment in Chicago.

Little Plates and Only Friend Prepare For the Worst (2015)  MOUTHY WOMEN. MFA Performance Festival. School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Little Plates and Only Friend Dwell in the Garden of Discontent. (2015) MOUTHY WOMEN.Aesthetic Disorder Exhibition. Archer Beach Haus. Chicago, IL. Curated by S+S Project.

Nobody Watched You Before and Then You Were Watched. (2015) MOUTHY WOMEN.Cuerpos Consumidos/Consuming Bodies Exhibition. Fundación del Centro Cultural del México Contemporáneo. Mexico City, Mexico. Curated by S+S Project.

Little Plates and Only Friend Consider the Options. (2015) MOUTHY WOMEN. Duos Performance Festival. Co-Prosperity Sphere. Chicago.

When the Circle Poisons (2014) Mana Contemporary and Defibrillator Gallery. Chicago.

The Arc of the Lavender Circle is Strong. (2013, 2014) Queergasm Performance Festival at Northwestern University, Rape Victim Advocates Presents: Breaking the Silence, New Blood VII Festival at Links Hall. Chicago and Evanston.

Best of Breed (2014) Public performance for Chicago Artists Month. Comfort Station.

Little Plates and Only Friend Exit the Gas Closet (2013) MOUTHY WOMEN. Threewalls Gallery. Chicago.

Peace Circle Project. (2013-2015) private monthly ritual with artists.

Artist’s Union: A Performative Intervention (2013) . New Blood VII Festival. Links Hall.​



Chicago Creative Worker Assistance Program Grant (2021) Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. 

Chicago Artists Relief grant (2021) 

Propeller IMPACT fund (2020) 

​Featured Artist. (2014) Chicago Artists Month. Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events and New City publication. 

Gelman Fellowship Nominee. (2014) School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Edes Fellowship Nominee. (2015) School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Carol Klimick Cyganowski Outstanding Service Award. (2013) Women’s and Gender Studies Department. Depaul University.


Top 5 Weekend Picks (1/27-2/2-22) #1 Confluence, group exhibition. Visualist + Bad at Sports

And Before One, What Are You Counting? solo exhibition is chosen as a partner program with the Chicago Architecture Biennial  The Available City  (2021) online publication 

And Before One, What Are You Counting?  is chosen for Sixty Inches from Center and The Visualist’s August Art Picks (2021) online publication 

And Before One, What Are You Counting?  is featured in the Chicago Reader (2021) online publication

​High Priestess Guided Meditation. (2019). Published in How to Dream anthology by Amina Ross. 

​Top 5 Weekend Picks (10/25-10/31 2018)  #3 Enter Roses, duo exhibition w Ruby T. Visualist + Bad At Sports

Olive Stefanski Interview. (2017) Published in Dreamcraft Exhibition Catalogue. Interviewed by curator Danielle Wordelman. 

MOUTHY WOMEN Interview. (March 2016) Practice/Anthology. 3rd Language Artist Collective.

MOUTHY WOMEN Interview. (2015) Lumpen Radio for Duos Fest. Chicago.

​Featured Artist Profile. (2014) New City. Chicago Artists Month. 


​Swarm Artist Residency. Scattergood Farms. (July 2019)


“On the Occasion Of” Series: Virtual Artist Talk with Roman Susan Art Foundation about solo exhibition, And Before One, What Are You Counting? , (Upcoming: March 16th at 7 PM)

Virtual Artist Talk ( Feb 2022) with other artists in the group exhibition, Confluence. Heaven Gallery

Virtual Artist Talk (October 2021) with other artists in the group exhibition Havruta. Heaven Gallery

Artist Talk. (August 2021) Roman Susan Art Foundation

​Artist Talk and Lecture (March 2021). Self Care in the Age of Hyper-Productivity Class, taught by KG. School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

Artist Talk and Lecture (2018). ChiArts High School. Sculpture 2 Class 

Artist Talk and Lecture. (2015) ‘Why Bother Being So Miserable, so Reductive When One Could Play’ Performance Art and Radical Imagination."DePaul University Women’s and Gender Studies Spring Colloquium.

Artist Talk (2014) Magic Always Smells Bad to the Oppressors. School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Co-Lead Artist. (August 2019-present) Teen Creative Agency at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. 

Artist Guide (August 2019-Jan 2021). Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago 

Community Education Organizer and Co-Founder (Jan 2017-October 2018). Chicago Skillshare Network

Art and Creativity Educator (August 2015-December 2015). Jewish Enrichment Center

Teaching Assistant, Department of Contemporary Practices and Performance Department. School of the Art Institute of Chicago. (Sept. 2013- Jan. 2015)


Juror (2019). Hysteria Group Show. ARC Gallery. Chicago. 

Core Organizer and Founding Member (March 2017-October 2018) Chicago Skillshare Network, a collective of artists and educators dedicated to creating accessible, community-based educational workshops for creative skills.

Co-Organizer with Chicago Skillshare Network (2017) The Good Goods Fair: A Winter Art and Craft Market. 

Co-organizer. (2016) Art and Value Conversation Series: Ecology of Artist Run Spaces, Art vs. Capitalism, Affective Labor.

Head Curator and Organizer. (2013) So Very Alive: Performing Feminist and Queer Utopias, Futures and Dreams. Rumble Arts Center. Chicago.